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Wireless Buzzers in the Classroom

As the school year starts many educational institutions look to make learning more interactive in order to engage students. DigiGames provides educators with the perfect solution that would integrate interactive software and wireless buzzers that would make learning fun and memorable. With these host controlled and software controlled wireless buzzer systems, you can introduce different ways administration, faculty, and students can interact with each other to make learning fun and memorable.


  • Provide a different interactive way to train new teachers
  • Software can be incorporated for anonymous voting
  • Training for new teachers
  • Integrate into Seminars & Conferences
  • Capture the attention of staff by building into Speeches
  • Utilize in Parent Teacher Conferences


  • Present and introduce new topics and subjects to students
  • Learning can become more attractive & fun
  • Friendly competition and gaming In the classroom can lead to students being more involved
  • You can use DigiGames software to poll students
  • Speed testing can be done to increase knowledge and memorization
  • Introduction to a different way of learning


  • Student can now becomes teacher by using buzzers and interactive games to demonstrate what is being taught
  • Allow students to create games and activities for presentations
  • Organizations and clubs can use wireless buzzers as a method to involve students
  • Speeches and powerpoint presentations can become more involved and engaging
  • Team building exercises can be developed for increase interactivity within the teams
  • Student council can network with other students
  • Have friendly competition incorporated into the classroom

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